Aloha girlies ! Wanna see the one product you need to carry on your vacay that can double up as a lipstick, liner and blush along with being very cutely pudgy? Meet the Bobbi Brown Art Stick- its Bobbi’s  answer to the whole fat lip pencil trend currently and I have to say these are my favourite of all chubby crayons Iv tried.

Why? It all comes down to one word- texture. These are sooo creamy, they glide on your lips with an ultra creamy, lush feel and provide solid coverage. All you girls with pigmented lip- you shall LOWE these ! Plus- when I was at the Bobbi brown store recently, Eliano from Bobbi Brown actually used these on my cheeks and they double up as super awesome cream blushes. Two pretty makeup thingies in one fat pencil…Come to mommy !

In terms of longevity- expect 4 hours and then even fading (hurray), these are moisturizing, comfortable to wear and just give yummy color. Bright Raspberry is best suited for lighter skintones i think but Sunset Orange is a bright orange that would look great universally if you have the guts to carry it off!

bobbi-brown-creamy-artstick1 bobbi-brown-art-stick-review


Art stick in Bright Raspberry


  • Creamiest chubby stick iv tried till date
  • Solid coveragee that will hide pigmented lips
  • Come with a sharpener of their own
  • Fade evenly after a few hours
  • Super moisturizing
  • Double up as cream blushes


  • Do get transferred initially because of their creaminess.
  • Keep away from heat- tendency to melt !





Wearing Art Stick in Bright Raspberry on Cheeks and Lips

Sunset Orange-Love this one

Wearing Sunset Orange Artstick on lips and cheeks

Verdict :A

Price: Rs 2100

Recommendation: The Bobbi Brown art sticks are lip liners, lipsticks and cream blushes rolled into one fat tube of goodness. While this particular color Bright Raspberry, is not something I wear too often- the texture of these are so good that you need to check out the other shades in these- specially Sunset Orange as well as the more muter shades.

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