bobbi-brown-gel-eyeliner-pencil1 You know how I wrote that post once about makeup products I wish were invented? If I had thought a bit more, one of them would have definitely been a Gel eyeliner in the form of a pencil. Its SUCH a great concept- I love the finish of a gel eyeliner but who wants to carry a pot and brush around everywhere huh?

So I tried these at the Bobbi Brown store the other day and they tried the black one on me and I fell in love with it. Then in my goodie bag, I found this brown Bobbi brown gel eyeliner pencil and have been playing with it ever since

First things first- when you swatch this, you will go WOW ! It looks gorgeous on the arm and definitely kind of like the finish of a gel eyeliner but somehow this brown one doesn’t translate into the gorgeousness on the eye. I have to go over it atleast 3-4 times on my eyelid to get the color payoff i want.

This wasn’t the case with the black one, which was amazing ! Apart from this it lasts long and the color itself is a gorgeous bronze with gold flecks which looks super stunning, but I think it will look best on lighter skintones honestly- it doesn’t show up as much on my lids.

bobbi-brown-gel-eyeliner-pencil bobbi-brown-gel-eyeliner-pencil2 bobbi brown-gel0eyeliner-pencil






Verdict: B

Price: Not yet released in India. Wil be launching soon

Recommendation: The gel eyeliner in pencil form (in black) seemed awesome at the store, this brown one is gorgeous too but I feel i need to swipe atleast 3-4 times on my lid to get the color to show up on me which is a bummer. Apart from that, lasts long and is smooth to apply but dont love the constant back and forth I need to go over a delicate area

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