Sarees are my personal weakness,  even though I only see their face come the wedding season. So when Abhilasha wrote in suggesting for a guest outfit post of a summer saree i was totally onboard to see what she comes up with. The result- a bright yellow t shirt  with a pop of turquoise paired with a fun, printed saree and a cocktail ring. She looks like a walking talking sorbet !:p

Summer Saree (3)

From Abhilasha:

It is such a pleasure to interact with the ‘peaches and blush’ readers. I am so glad Mehak was kind enough to give me an opportunity to share my passion for living a fulfilled life in great style, with all of you. Fashion to me is more that a frivolous pursuit, fashion is not just about the clothes but how they make you feel. Beauty is not just about makeup but about feeling your best and being your best each day.

Having said that, lets get to the fun stuff, we are talking sarees today – the summer saree. I dont get a chance to wear saree’s often but whenever the opportunity arises I make sure I enjoy it to the hilt.

Summer Saree (2)

Saree’s have weathered the test of time, the test of rough weathers, the test of fashion God’s and have emerged stronger and more beautiful with each tough test – testimony that no garment can be more effeminate, romantic and ethereal that the saree.

The saree is known to be heavily guarded by strict rules and guides about adorning it gracefully and elegantly. However, recently I have seen many such traditional rules being broken under the garb of design and modernity. I decided to try breaking some of these rules myself – and boy I have never felt more liberated and free before, and that too in a saree.

Rule 1 : Saree needs its matching blouse

No, not really, wear it with a T, a jacket, a ganji, even a dress.

Summer Saree (7)Summer Saree (6)

Rule 2 : Every pleat needs to be perfect.

Just drape it casually, every pleat does not need to be in place and forget about those million safety pins.

Rule 3 : Drape the saree with the heels on, so the shoes do not show from under.

But I love showing off my heels and I think a stunning pair of pumps adds just a little edginess to the tame saree. So I say drape the sari and then step into those sexy heels.

Summer Saree (4)Summer Saree (5)Summer Saree (1)

Breaking the rules is always fun and shocking a few people in the process, raising a few eye brows is more fun. So try the summer saree and let me know how it felt.

Guest Post By Guest Blogger Abhilasha

About Abhilasha: An Engineer, MBA & a Mother,  who always yearned to study and work with fashion. She love wearing high heels but always carry flats in my bag. A fiercely independent, fitness freak & adventurous, you can find her on her blog Looking Good Feeling Fab“!

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