Ciate Paint Pot in Headliner

If your  nail polishes all decided to go to a party and get dressed up, my guesses are they would end up looking like the Ciate Bottles. These uber cute polished with bows are SO ADORABLE, it is near impossible to resist picking them up . On a recent stroll to Sephora , no matter how hard I tried my fingers just KEPT going back to these cute little bottles even though lets face it, the price on this is “Pshheww” .

Headliner is a hard color to describe and a harder color to photograph. It isn’t turquoise and it isn’t teal. The best way to put it would be that it is a sort of Turkish blue if you know what I mean. A deep turquoise with a bit of green in it. Quite frankly, it is a polish that would look lovely on lighter toned hands. On me it looks a bit meh, but the sales lady literally shoved this into my hand though all I wanted to take was a green one. Sigh. I always get bullied by sales staff!!!

In terms of quality, it has incredible lasting power- I saw tip wear only by day 4 and I type all day so that is brilliant. The brush is amazing- it goes on smoothly and evenly and two coats is all you need for opaque color coverage. My one gripe is that though it looks glossy in the bottle, it actually dries matte on my nails which I don’t love. It isn’t matte enough to be a stark, chic matte but its definitely not glossy so the finish is kind of in between. No problems apart from that though.




Verdict : B +

Price: Rs 1000/-

Buy it from: Sephora, Delhi

Verdict: I wish the Ciate Paint Pots dried more glossy on my nails , but apart from that these are 2 coats to opaque, super smooth to apply and last a very long time (not to mention ridiculously cute looking on your dresser). I am not sure whether they are ‘worth’ 1000 bucks, because lets face it affordability is a relative term. This blue is a unique sort of turkish cerulean blue that’s somewhere in between turquoise and teal. This is a nice one for lighter skin tones !

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