When I was in college in LSR, I attended my classes (well SOME classes) till about 3 and had dance practice thereafter till about 7 at night. And while a lot of girls got handbags and purses and stuff to class- I just never understood why or how that made sense. I mean I needed to carry my notebooks, my water bottle, a change of clothes for dance practice, my phone, my wallet, keys, sometimes extra clothes for sleepovers and how in the world would all of that fit inside a handbag?? So  a sling back, or a backpack is what I carried (and frankly even when I was working in Amex, I carried a backpack which was kind of funny!).

This is probably my FAVOURITE thing I spotted at the Adidas Originals store and if you are a college girl or a gym rat it is a must have for 2014 – so cute! Infact I think this would make a great gift for one of my cousins who is just starting out college.



I LOVE that print. Just wish the adidas were a bit smaller, but looks nice as is too! Actually, this would even work nicely as a laptop bag..

Peaches & Blush112


Peaches & Blush113


They have a guys version of this as well but its not as nice as the watercolor version IMO. The accessories also include some caps along with these bags , and I really wish they had come out with the same prints in their sippers…I love those sippers and they always came in solid blues and blacks. Would have been super fun to have a pretty, printed sipper ;)

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