Forest Essentials Multani Mitti Ubtan Review (4) Forest Essentials Multani Mitti Ubtan Review

I have combination-oily skin which inclines towards more of an oily nature during this summer. So I always use Ubtans meant for oily skin these days to pamper my skin, and the first name that instantly clicked in your mind when you say Ubtan is the brand Forest Essentials. Forest Essentials or FE is well known for their various effective and natural Ubtans and the concept of “Luxurious Ayurveda”.

About Forest Essentialss Ubtan: Ubtans, made from finely ground herb, flower and root powders which are sundried and ground by hand, are used as cleansing scrubs or as face packs for deeper exfoliation. They are made into pastes by adding a small amount of the appropriate liquid, usually rosewater, milk or yoghurt; until the mixture achieves a smooth and creamy consistency. They contain Turmeric which is a strong anti-oxidant that prevents the ageing of the skin. It evens out skin tone and colour, and gives the skin a healthy glow. Fenugreek is deep-cleansing, highly nutritious in Vitamin B. In ancient Ayurveda, Dhataki flowers have their own significance. They were also used for fermentation while preparing Aasav and Arishta in place of yeast. Banyan Bark regenerates skin cells. Multani Mitti is deep-cleansing, purifying, detoxifying and mineral-rich. Its alkaline content corrects imbalances and neutralizes the skin tone.

Making of the Product: To make this unique product we incorporate the Traditional Ayurvedic processes Hand grinder (Chakki and Okhali for grinding and mixing)

Product Benefits: Forest Essentials Multani Mitti Ubtan is a powerful exfoliating treatment that stimulates the underlying tissues of the skin. By its revitalizing, refreshing & refining actions, this ‘Ubtan’ helps in keeping a smooth and healthy complexion. It also protects skin from Acne and Blemishes. Its regular usage removes pigmentation and helps to tighten the open pores. The natural ingredients of ‘Ubtan’ also improve skin texture and removes tan.

How to use: Take half teaspoon and mix with yoghurt or rosewater to make a creamy paste.Use to wash face. Rinse well.


  • 100% pure and organically grown natural herbs
  • Made with traditional method of grinding

Ingredients: Multani Mitti 55%, Neem Leaves 20%, Turmeric 8%, Fenugreek 6%, Lodhra 5%, Dhataki 5% Banyan Bark 1%

Packaging: The product is housed in plastic container, secured with white stopper and finally a golden screw-open cap.

My take on the product:

Forest Essentials Ubtans smell heavenly, and this Ubtan is also no exception. I generally mix this Ubtan with rose-water and apply it on my face, I love the exotic fragrance of this Ubtan that lingers on for sometime after washing your face. This ubtan is in finely milled powder form and very easy to work with. I let it stand on my face for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off. I love the squeaky clean feel post washing this Ubtan. This Ubtan also imparts a glow to my face and controls excess oil production. It also has done wonders in clearing my zits and also removes the dead skin layer which results in bright and clear complexion.


Pros of FE Multani Mitti Ubtan:

  1. Contains all the natural ingredients.
  2. Very good pack for oily skin.
  3. Keep skin soft, supple and bright.
  4. Clears acne.
  5. Easy to work with.

Cons of FE Multani Mitti Ubtan:

  1. Pricey.
  2. Not available every-where.
  3. Not suitable for dry skin.

Rating: A

Price: Rs.595/- for 60 grams of the product.

Recommendation: I am in love with this Multani Mitti Ubtan- it is natural, it is safe and is super effective for my oily skin. Girls with oily skin should give it a shot, am sure they’ll love it.

Guest Review By Nausheen

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