Forrest Essentials Tranquil Sleep Oil Review (2) Forrest Essentials Tranquil Sleep Oil Review

Product Claims: Enter a total relaxing zone where you feel a thousand miles away from the pressure and confusion of everyday life as mind and body indulge in the benefits of deep, meditative relaxation to lull you into a restful sleep. It helps to induce sleep.

Product Contains: Sandalwood Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Nutmeg & Lavender Essential Oil.

 My Review:

Dont judge a book by its cover they say and don’t judge this Forest Essentials oil by its packaging because it may fool you into believing that it is a perfume. What it actually is, is a stress relieving, Tranuil Sleep oil. Forest Essentials suggest that you dab a bit on your neck and spritz on your pillow for the best effect. But I feel you may spray it anywhere on your body wherever you are comfortable. Later, it makes your surrounding smell like the insides of a spa room! Whenever I spray this it changes my mood instantly. I am not just saying it for the sake of this review but it truly does-  I can usually never sleep with the smell of a perfume or even a room freshener.  Whereas when the aroma of this spreads around me , my body kind of absorbs the whole of it. Not just my nose but my  skin also absorbs the aroma and helps me  have a light sensation and meditative relaxation.

Even though there is no mention of rose essential oil in the ingredients it somewhere smells like roses to me and also like other mentioned ingredients at the same time. I feel the smell is quite soothing and perfect to put me to sleep specially after a long day when you just need some luxurious indulgence

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  1. Really helps you have a good sleep.
  2. Instantly helps you get rid of a bad day, an irritable mood or just stress
  3. You can really savour the smell and you won’t realise when you slept enjoying the aroma.
  4. Very sleek and tiny packaging. Feels very pleasing to the eye.


  1. Little pricey for the quantity we get.
  2. If not handled carefully it starts leaking. We don’t want to waste a single drop from this 10ml bottle.

Rating: A+

Price: 695 INR

Recommendation: If you are a spa lover then you must give it a try! It doesn’t exactly perform like a sleeping pill but it makes you get lost in its aroma and makes you concentrate on better things. You may also keep it in your purse and spray a little while you’re on a long stressful flight or keep it on your study table while you need a lot of concentration working on your laptop. It makes you active and calm at the same time.

Guest Review By Sonal

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