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One of the hottest trends of last year internationally, has been “Hair chalking”. What is it you ask? Basically, its a temporary way to color your hair through “Hair chalks”. These come in a lot of colors from bright funky blues to burgundy and brown, and you apply the chalk thingie on to your hair and until you wash it off the color stays (For some, the color even stays for a couple of washes specially if your hair is light colored).

Hair Chalking In India

I actually thought of writing this, because I saw an ad for Loreal Hair Chalks in Grazia India. I think they should be out here soon and every one will be talking about it- so makes sense for you guys to know what it is before hand, and frankly I have been very intrigued by it the whole of last year as well.

How do you use them

I read this article on Wiki on Hair chalking here which explains really well how to use these and though Im not sure whether all hair chalks work this way, but the basic funda seems to be. Chalk +water + your hair = funky highlighting

How do they look best

These are not products for people who want all over color, rather these are nice if you want to highlight something in your hair. If you are risk averse, you could just pick up a bronze hair chalk and give the crown of your head some nice bronze highlights, if you want to go all out you can take a blue hair chalk an put it on a strand and braid it for a nice blue highlight. You could even ombre colors, mix colors up or go for a rainbow

Do they damage your hair?

One of the advantages of Hair chalks is that they are ammonia free which is what most brands who sell Hair chalks are harping about. But while Hair chalking is pretty  harmless  for once in a while kind of thing, Im pretty sure it will dry out your hair if you do too much. But that is the case with any artificial treatments- too much of anything is bad.

Have any of you tried hair chalks? If you have, comment with your experiences below!

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