Im known as the ‘crazy pants lady’ by the boy. He just doesn’t understand how in the world I go out and buy pants with all sorts of funky prints right from floral to aztec to geometric. They are probably my fav summer accessory- so much more comfy than jeans and easy to make a style statement in. So when a reader wrote in for some advice on how to wear printed pants, I thought hey- thats one fashion topic i know something about… 


# 1 . The Easiest Way to wear them: Pair them with a solid black/ white top

If you are a printed pants virgin, pair them with a solid black/ white top for a fail proof look. Minimal accessories in monochrome colors and heels are a great way to complete the look! If your pants have a print involving either black or white in small doses thats even better


# 2 . Combine with a contrasting color (pick a color that has a tiny presenc

I also like to wear my printed pants with contrast colors. If you look at my pants on the right they have a tiny element of pink in them so I picked up on that and got a contrast pink top with these pants. Similarly on the left there is a bright orange top as a contrast so the pant , but because they have small flashes of red in the print of the pants it works out.


#3. For the fashion forward: Pick a printed top but  in a co-ordinated color

This is a high risk look, and can go terribly wrong but when done right it can be super, chic and fashon forward. The girl on the left combines green stripes with her red and green printed pants. The green makes the entire look come together. The girl on the right combined a printed blue top with her printed pants which have an element of blue in them. The trick to both these looks are that they chose a color of top that already was present in their pants, also they chose prints that didnt clash. For example: If your pants have a bold, large print – a top with a smaller, self print or stripes would work. If your pants have a smaller, more fine print then a top with a larger print would be better !


#4. Blazers+ Printed Pants= Fashion Heaven

One of my favourite looks, is blazers with well fitted printed pants and high heels ! If the heels have some tiny print detailing like the girl on the right, thats even better ! Pick a bag in a co-ordinated color and you are all set.

My favourite Printed Pants

I love my hawaiian print pants !!

Where to buy printed pants in India:

– Zara is a good start. They have some whacky prints like the hawaiian one I am wearing, and they have more subtle prints like a beige one with soft black which i used to wear to work (wearing them today as well)

-Forever 21 has some very affordable printed pants in aztec prints as well as floral prints

-Pantaloons has the PRETTIEST printed pair of denims in soft, pastel florals. I lowe it !

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