Lakme Absolute Bi-phased Makeup Remover Review (5) Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Make-up Remover Review

The scorching summer is back & this year its  tough on me because for the first time in my life I am experiencing “Delhi Ki Garmi”.  With the recent move to delhi, iv learnt that weather is dry as a desert here, sucking out all the moisture from my skin. On the plus side,  for the first time I am away from humid conditions, so hopefully no oily skin this summer! Given this situation, I thought I could use an oil based remover this summer so I experimented with the Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover.

Product Description: If you think that your regular face wash removes makeup, here’s a product that is sure to give your face wash a run for its money. Ideal for women, the Lakme Absolute Bi-phased Makeup Remover combines the cleansing properties of oil with the refreshing properties of water to give you a wholesome purifying experience. The unique formulation of this Bi-phased Makeup Remover contains oil and water. The oil phase removes make-up while the light water phase ensures that you stay refreshed and hydrated. The dermatologically tested formula effectively removes even the most stubborn, long wearing and waterproof makeup that otherwise stays put even after repeated cleansing.

The Lakme Bi-phased Makeup Remover goes deep to remove all traces of makeup from your face leaving it feelingclean, hydrated and refreshed. So with this Lakme Makeup Remover in your kitty, you can be assured of getting rid of that waterproof eyeliner or that long wear lip stick in a jiffy. Flaunt your natural look that is free from makeup and steer clear of skin breakdowns or irritation.

Directions for Use

  • Shake the bottle gently to activate the formulation.
  • Apply the desired amount of this Bi-phased Makeup Remover on a cotton pad and gently wipe over the makeup in a circular motion.
  • Splash lukewarm water over your face and finish with a good moisturiser.

As much as I love my Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 Calming Cleansing Solution, it isn’t very effective in quickly melting stubborn water-proof makeup or that kajal from the waterline. Frankly speaking, there have been days when I woke up with raccoon eyes, almost scaring my husband…hahaha…So, I wanted to try a makeup remover which is effective & removes everything off the skin in a jiffy! With the  Lakme Bi-phased Makeup Remover  all I need to do is a give it n a quick shake before using it,  wipe my skin gently with it & it truly removes every trace of makeup from the skin within seconds.

Though its an oil-based makeup remover what I love about it is that the oil in it is very light weight. You don’t end up getting a thick layer of oil on your skin when you are done. It leaves behind a very thin film of oil which Lakme claims can be washed off with a splash of lukewarm water but I prefer using a mild cleanser afterward. As claimed, it does not completely rip off the moisture nor does it result in acne prone skin.

If you look at the packaging, it’s a simple transparent bottle with a pump dispenser. Honestly this spray dispenser is the biggest let down, when you spray it on a cotton pad it goes all over the place & ends up wasting a lot of product. Also, you need to spray it  a fair number of times to get the cotton pad wet enough so that it doesn’t feel harsh against the skin. I even tried spraying it on my face directly then cleaning it with cotton pad but it ended up stinging my eyes. So, spraying directly on face will not work. A simple nozzle opening would have been perfect. 

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  1. Easy on the pocket
  2. Removes every trace of makeup effectively off the skin
  3. Travel – friendly packaging
  4. Keeps the skin hydrated
  5. Doesn’t leave heavy oily residue behind
  6. Does not breakout the skin


  1. Spray nozzle dispenser is not the most convenient packaging to use
  2. It can result in blurry vision if not careful and has been known to sting eyes.


Price: Rs. 210

Recommendation: This is a good buget buy for a oil based makeup remover which effectively removes even the toughest makeup traces in a jiffy. My only pain point is that the spray nozzle doesnt spray evenly and ends up wasting a lot of product. Plus I need to spray it a lot of times to get a cotton swab wet enough for application. Also mind your eyes while using this.

Guest Review By Priya (Normal to Combi skin, Oily T-Zone)

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