Last year on my work-ation to New York, I did a photodiary on what I did there on weekends and weekdays and that has been one of my fav series on the blog. Whenever I start to miss New york (i know i wasn’t living there but anyone whose taken a trip there will know what I mean), I flip through that article and feel happy !!! And since so many of you wrote in for more of these lifestyle/ travel photodiaries, I realised I hadn’t done one for my honeymoon.

London was the first leg of my honeymoon , and this is my London Photodiary. Hopefully its helpful for those of you planning a trip there !



Standard every day Photo- op. This is Earls Court- the area outside our hotel that is bustling with people and restaurants. That Simply Food store at the back is where I would stroll inside in my PJ’s to pick up water, or chips or some other quick bite



The hotel itself we lucked out in. We chosen Barkston Garden Hotel (I think its been renamed now) and it was undergoing construction when we went so rates were very cheap. Also, the room they had initially put us in was not nice at all and the tv wouldn’t work so they shifted us into the new rooms which were so swanky! Small, but stylish !

londonphotodiary2How messy do I look. This was the day our flight landed so severe jet lag. Must do- watch a play at Westend ! If possible catch The Lion King or Wicked, but we didnt get tickets so we settled for phantom of the opera. We were so jet lagged we werehalf asleep but the play managed to keep us awake !

168805_10151027086239661_1926840519_nThe Next day-we head to Oxford Street!! LOVE this place- even if you dont buy anything just amazing to walk up !Top Shop in the background , Primark is heaven for gifts for friends and family (lol), and a whole lot of other stores

londonphtodiary8 londonphotodiary9Absolute must eat restaurant- Ping Pong!! Its AMAZING food- very tiny quantities, but so different and so good !



Tube ride- to go check out Primrose hill. Apparently it was supposed to be this stunning place with gorgeous views that every couple should go and relax in.



We had to walk. A LOT. And the crazy London weather, just kept confusing us. Sweater off, sweater on? No jokes- the weather changes its mind every 10 minutes there


Finally at Primrose Hill. Its pretty and all, but this is what the khet of Punjab also look like :p

londonphotodiary6Casino timeee !! The boy is a casino buff and I like to play Black Jack and Roulette so we went to the casino, won some money and ate at this place called Angus Steak house


This is considered to be “Appetiser” for one person. Both me and the boy managed to eat only half of this

After this, we went back to the casino. Lost a TON  of money all because of the boy (ugh i hate poker) and went back home.\

FYI- My camera battery died so I cant show you what other places we went to in London, but if you want a similar photo diary for Paris and Interlaken do comment and let me know




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