Lip products are getting more and more complicated everyday dont you think? It used to be simple earlier- lipstick- lipgloss-lip pencil. Now we have gloss stains, and balm stains, and chubby sticks, and lip paints, and lip inflators, and these Loreal paris Shine Caresse Lipglosses which claim to be sort of a cross between a Gloss and a Stain. I got to try out two of these- Juliete and Eve…lets see how they did?

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Juliette is an orangey red that is bright, but has warm undertones so it works with Indian skintones. Eve is more of a magenta with cooler undertones so will flatter paler, cool toned skin.

Regarding the texture and product

So the thing is, these are very very thin, I mean it almost feels like just water on your lips when you apply them and they have a stain like quality for sure as they dry. It takes about two swipes to get you good color payoff, and even though they feel weightless they are very good in the payoff department.

However the stain has a tendency to be uneven, and if you already have pigmented lips thats not a very becoming sight. I dont particularly love how they look on me as I have a very pigmented upper lip. Having said that- these are moisturizing, they last super long and feel completely weightless so a definite must have for your summer bag if you dont care about these issues above.

I like the colors these come in- the softer , peachier colors infact look very pretty and the wand makes application easy. They do smell kind of wierd though – almost hospital like which is a bit of a turn off.


Wearing Juliette.


Wearing Eve

Pros of Loreal Paris Shine Caresse Lipglosses

Incredibly Lightweight

Easy to Apply Applicator

Good Pigmentation

Nice glossy finish which is a cross between a balm and a stain

Lasts long

Cons of Loreal Paris Shine Caresse Lipglosses

Apply unevenly and girls with pigmented lips will not enjoy how they look on them

Smell hospitally!


Verdict: B+

Price: 499 for 6ml

Recommendation: There are a lot of fantastic things about the Loreal Paris Shine Caresse Lipglosses- they are soo thin, and lightweight and feel like nothing while still giving good solid color payoff. They give a healthy, glossy look to the lips and do give a stained effect and last long. However, they can apply unevenly and for girls with pigmented lips they may not work as well (I know my upper lip looks a bit off with these on) , plus they have a peculiar smell on them which I dont love.

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