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There are so many things going on in the background you guys, that I am close to dropping down in a pile on the floor right now. Partly because the temperature outside is 44 degrees, partly because there is a lot of action around youtube channels, new layouts and ofcourse wedmegood keeping me busy (Yup..youtube channel is in the pipeline for P&B folks.). So my ‘me time’ has seriously taken a backseat in the past few weeks. My skin has been behaving, dull, dehydrated and completely sallow so when I was invited to the blush clinic for an experiential , it could n;t have come at a better time. I was in desperate need of some TLC.

I first entered this all-white space and took a seat flipping through the latest Vogue and Cosmo as I waited for my turn. I spotted a lot of brides to be, and newly married girls coming in and getting treatments etc done. Fifteen minutes later I  met Jamuna Pai (girl crush happening- her skin GLOWS, and she looks years younger than her age). We chatted a bit about PCOS (anyone else here have it. High five ! lol), hairfall, skin dullness and then I was whisked away into the room where the facial was happening.


The facial itself was not just relaxing but SUPER informative. This is what happened once i was in the room:

– Cleansing: Regular cleansing procedure that you usually have before any facial. Her hands were super soft though, so yknow how those random parlour people end up hurting your face almost. This felt almost spa-like.

– Peach Scrub: They applied a very mild peach scrub on me. Didn’t feel like a scrub honestly more like a moisturizer.

– Bleach: Nice, fruity smelling mild bleach applied to my face. Didn’t burn my eyes like normal bleach does

– Steam: This fancy machine blew steam on me while I lay on my back

– Blackhead removal : Again, like a routine facial the blackhead removal thing, they used those metal picks to remove blackheads. The good thing- I sometimes writhe in pain when they do this in facials, but the touch was so gentle I almost felt like its not going to be effective enough

– Neosporin Powder: This is like an antiseptic powder which they applied on me.  The funda behind the same was that since we had just done steam to open up our pores , this antiseptic powder would ensure they dont get infected

-High pressure O2: This is when the tech stuff started to kick in and I was like Whoaa this is not a regular facial ! High pressure O2 was applied to disperse the Neosporin powder evenly on my face (or well, something like that!).

– Galvanic Gel & Electroporation: The name scared me- Electroporation . It sounded like something with needles and nodes and stuff. But I needn’t have worried. They applied some Galvanic Gel on my face and then made me hold a metal bar. Then they use the other end of the metal device on my face . This procedure, I was told was to ensure that the galvanic gel seeps into my skin and is absorbed by it.

– Gel Mask: Finally, they applied a gel mask to end the facial and I was in a super rush so I couldn’t sit through the entire procedure so they had to remove it in about 10-12 minutes.

I was told not to wash my face, but i kind of had to because I was heading out to Monkey bar at night and I couldn’t have gone with wet hair !



Left: Before I went to the salon. Right: Without any foundation- this is skin after the facial – definite tan reduction and more healthier looking skin . Actually the proper effects can be seen a day after!

The result:

  • Immediate results: Definitely could see an immediate reduction in tan
  • Also could see an immediate relaxing of the skin. My skin felt well rested- I almost looked like I have just woken up from my sleep
  • My skin definitely had a glow and evenness to it, the glow was similar to the Casmara facials I love but the difference was that the effect was very long lasting. I could see my skin behaving better for an entire week to ten days after the facial which never happens  usually with regular facials
  • Overall my dehydrated skin got a surge of moisture, suppleness and stress free relaxation that was long lasting and not just a 1 day affair.
  • People could definitely see a difference. Even the most ignorant about all things girly person- the boy noticed . You look like you have slept a lot – were his comments !

What I loved:

  • The girl who did my facial – she was so patient, and her hands were so soft! (This sounds so wierd, but it makes SO much of a difference. I have had facials where people were literally slapping my face. This felt like butter)
  • She also told me about each step. What it meant, why it was being done so that made it interesting and informative
  • The room itself a nice, calming feel with soothing music
  • Attention to detail- the girl who did my facial changed the air con temperature almost every 15 minutes to ensure I was never freezing/ feeling hot .

What could be better

  • I wish they made it more salon like (the interiors ) and less clinic-like ..but then it is called Blush Clinic after all.

Price: Rs 4000/-

I definitely think you should atleast go and check out the clinic, see their offerings and see what you would like. It is a very different experience from a regular salon and you will come out having learnt a lot, and having experienced some funky new age stuff , not to mention with better skin!

Address: Blush Clinics – New Delhi
E-20, First Floor, Defence Colony,
New Delhi 100024

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