For the longest time, one of my most frequent emails in my inbox is a request for my skincare routine, along with the random press releases I get about the latest type of plywood or the latest restaurant opening in Ibiza (Seriously, you wont even believe what kinds of press releases come into my inbox). Its taken me this long to do a proper post on this because honestly I dont have a skincare routine- touch wood my skin behaved itself pretty well till my early twenties, but  not that iv hit say mid -late twenties (lets not get into actual ‘age’ here) there is definitely something extra I need to do to make sure my skin doesn’t start looking dreary.

My skin type: Mostly dry , normal in parts. Prone to dry patches and dullness very easily.




These are the products Im currently testing in some form of the other. SOme of these are a regular part of my routine and Iv been using them for donkeys years, while others Iv just gotten started on.


Kiehls Ultra facial cleanser. The thing about Kiehls products that I like is – Balance. Its a very wierd thing to quantify, but the products are mild and this cleanser is just a nice, everyday face wash that doesn’t break me out or make my skin feel parched. I do feel just a tad bit of dryness, but its the least I have felt amongst all that Iv tried.

How often I use it: Everyday after work


My holy grail tinted  moisturizer is the Loreal Even Complexion UV Perfect Moisturizer. Its just super lightweight, perfectly hydrating and adds a glow and radiance to my face immediately and has SPF 50 PA+++ – thought the tint has low coverage you will see some change for sure. The Clinique moisturizing lotion is also a firm favourite but I mostly use it for my body- arms, elbows…that kind of stuff.

How often I use it: The tinted moisturizer I use everyday , the clinique one I use when required


Shower Indulgene- The Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods shower gel makes me swooooon! I love this stuff, and though currently Im trying out the strawberry shower gel by TBS, this one is really fab as well.

skincare-routine11Favourite scrub – Natures Company Coffee Face Scrub. The best thing about this is that apart from the fact that it smells like completely divine, the granules are perfect- they are just the right amount of abrasiveness without scratching my eyes out AND, it leaves your skin feeling very soft and moisturized which is rare for my dry skin

How often I use it : 2-3 times a week’skincare-routine33

My newest love, I can’t stop raving about it- read review here. This makes my skin feel so soft and supple by the morning, it calms down my skin when its breaking out and overall just makes my skin behave and feel good. I swore by the SHiseido Night moisture recharge enriched, and though I know i will need that cream in winter, for now this is doing the job of a nightcream!

How often I use it: Everyday before sleeping

skinareroutinge111Innis Free Green tea seed serum- this is something new i got to try as part of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Panel. Im not really sure what it is supposed to do but it mentions it basically acts as an injection of moisture into parched skin and helps to restore stressed skin . I haven’t used this enough but the moisture it definitely did add whenever I used it and my skin immediately felt more relaxed and supple.

How often I use this: Iv just started to use this but I keep it as a one off, once a week thing when my skin is really dull and needs some TLC



Shiseido Ibuki Softening concentrate is something again, NEW im trying out. So what is this supposed to do- Shiseido says this is to be used after cleansing and before moisturizer as it helps your moisturizer work better and makes your skin more receptive. I think this would be nice to use in winters, because my skin tends to resemble a desert at that time, and Iv used another softener from Shiseido which I did like a lot in winters, as of now this is just a luxury indulgence for me

How often I use it: More of an indulgence product honestly. I like how it feels and how my skin does look so plump and moisturized after this so use it before moisturizer sometimes



My Makeup remove is actually the Vita Age Aurum, Aqua Micellare solution. That is SOME mouthful huh. So the thing is, this does sting the eyes a bit but its this one product wonder which not only cleanses and tones but also removes makeup and moisturizes. The formula is really nice and non dryin.

If you are wondering where is my toner- I dont really love the concept of a toner , and I have never used one very properly as a ‘Cleansing, toning moisturizing routine yknow’. Comment below and let me know if there is a toner i MUST use or know about?



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