Original Source Chocolate and Mint Shower Gel Review (1) Original Source Chocolate And Mint Shower Gel Review

I am right now in a phase where I am loving yummy edible fragrances in skincare products. And if it is chocolate-scented, all the better! I recently picked up this Original Source Chocolate and Mint shower gel during a grocery shopping trip.

From the Original Source website: We’ve been inspired by 2000 years of chocolate making to create a shower gel that makes your skin’s taste buds water. You can enjoy this little treat anytime you like.

Original Source makes some really great shower gels. I love the packaging with the quirky little nuggets of information about the product. The whole packaging gives off a very fun vibe!

First things first – the fragrance. It does smell of chocolate and mint, but not overwhelmingly so. It smells yummy, but I wouldn’t say it is THE yummiest-smelling bath product out there. It’s just a nice warm chocolate-y scent with a hint of the fresh smell of mint. I like it a lot (I like anything that smells like chocolate!), but if you are looking for a very luxurious bath experience, I would say there are better products to choose from.

It does its job well – lathers really well even without a loofah and leaves you feeling clean and fresh. I hate the slippery feeling that a lot of shower gels leave behind after rinsing, and there is a very slight feeling of that kind with this one, but it goes away soon so it doesn’t bother me much. It is also a great choice for those who are into natural skincare as it is vegan and “packed with natural stuff”. What I don’t like is that the product is very very runny; you have to be very careful while opening it. If the bottle is not tilted all the way back while opening, there is a risk of some of the shower gel leaking out through the flip top. Also, the fragrance does not linger behind on the skin at all, so that is kind of disappointing. Overall, though, I’m quite impressed with this brand; this is my second shower gel from them and I’m waiting to try more!

Original Source Chocolate and Mint Shower Gel Review (4)Original Source Chocolate and Mint Shower Gel Review (2)Original Source Chocolate and Mint Shower Gel Review (3)Original Source Chocolate and Mint Shower Gel Review (5)


  • Yummy scent
  • Lathers very well
  • Does not dry out skin
  • Vegan product


  • Extremely runny consistency!
  • I wish the fragrance lingered on the skin

Rating: A-

Price: INR 225 for 250 ml.

Recommendation: At this price point, the Original Source Chocolate and mint shower gel is definitely a good pick, especially if you are into vegan, natural products. The fragrance is yummy, though not the yummiest out there. This is a great product for those who like all things chocolate, but I wouldn’t say it is a very luxurious one.

Guest Review By Marianne

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