Have you heard about the Maybelline Turquoise Kajal yet? If you haven’t then you totally should because its going to be on my eyes all this summer. Just a bright pop of blue to float the summer through (Sorry about that aweful rhyme, I know its a total crime. Damnit i cant stop. look how this turquoise pops. ) ┬áLol..ok enough….maybelline-collosal-kajal-turquoise1


Full review coming soon but so far the way I like to wear it best is to layer it over black eyeliner. The black makes the turquoise more intense so its more appropriate for my skintone and really makes it pop. Also softly smudging it on the lower lashline along with a blue kajal makes it look like your eyes are swimming in a bright blue ocean!

On itself its nice as well, but it can look a bit washed out and low intensity so personally love it layered over much more! Swatches and review coming very soon!

*Wearing Mac Mocha Lipstick in the photo

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