So I am not really a sporty girl . I watch sport for sure, but the max I do in terms of anything else is play badminton sometimes and take part in the occasional corporate 100 metre race (after which i literally cannot walk for 3 days but thats a different story). Ill be honest one of my main motivations to even join a  gym is that I get to go and buy new track pants and t shirts to flaunt and with the Adidas Farm Collection-Im getting MAJOR motivations to hit the gym :p ..or the Beach.



I LOVE these crop tops. I literally wanted to buy that one on the right immediately but I was a bit confused about how to wear it. Then i saw these cuties on the adidas website:



That made me want to take a trip to Goa just to wear that that crop top over my swimsuit while lounging about the beach!!!



That jacket is cute too. Too hot at the moment in Delhi  to even think about it though.



My fav is the watercolor print jacket (third from left!) Definitely buying for winter.



There is also something for the guys. A funky black jacket and an ombre pink T ! Real men wear pink.




Some more stuff..those shorts are adorbs.

Overall, i think this new collection is a refresher honestly !  Im used to Adidas t shirts being the same collared t shirt styles with the Adidas logo which are nice enough but lets face it there is a limit on how many of those you want in your closet. I think its great that they pushed the fashion envelope with this one!

See more of this collection here

Whats on your summer must have list?

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