Helooowww girliesss !!

Incase you guys didnt notice we have been working overtime for new layouts for both P&B (some super awes0meness should be on its way in a months time), as well as Wed Me Good. Also like i mentioned youtube channel for P&B soon..YAY !!!!

The all new Wed Me Good is now LIVE at Wed Me Good !

There is a ton of new features:

– You can browse real weddings by city and culture (So if yr looking at say a Marwari wedding in Calcutta, or Punju wedding in problemo!)

– Browse vendors by city (Adding vendors to Hyderabad as we speak and we discovered a designer there who is SO SO affordable and awesome)

– We have added a new category for ‘local stores’ ¬†which feature small, hidden stores in Karol Bagh, CC to start with and we shall expand that to other cities. Also added a lot of affordable designers on our designer showcase!

– As always you can browse images by color , theme etc!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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