Ombre has been a weakness for me as far as I can remember. Right from my teenage years when I wore EXTREMELY tacky tie-dye tops, till now when I am lusting after Tie Dye Curtains. This Lust list is inspired by all things ombre.

1. Ombre Swimsuits: Where can I find these in India girls. All we get in India are either Shivan and Naresh which is quite expensive, or Speedo. I love these ombre swimsuits- so wish I had one to wear to Goa.

2. Orange Lace Shoes from Bata: I dont know if these are completely tacky, or completely awesome but I kind of love these lace shoes. And they are by BATA . Can you believe it- infact Bata also had these uber cute coral slippers last time I went. Nothing to do with Ombre here i know..just liked these.

3. Zoya Earrings: Love meenakari mixed with Kundan and these jewelled pieces are beautiful. Have you seen the ad on Tv- gorgeous pieces

4. Ombre Skirt: The boy is super annoyed because I cant wear thick denims to work, so all i want to do is wear PJ’s and pallazos to office!  If I had a skirt like that- it would be my everyday office wardrobe !

5. Ombre Curtains: I WANT THESE IN MY HOME . Like now…maybe a white going into gold would be super elegant , and maybe with bits of shimmer at the bottom. Sigh. Love it.

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