Wella SP Hair Hydrate Mask Review (4) Wella SP Hair Hydrate Mask Review

Product Claims: It gives overweighing long lasting protection from drying out. Also provides noticeable softness on normal to coarse hair.

My Review:

I started using this product as an after-rebonding-hair-care-ritual when I got my hair chemically treated. I started using both the shampoo and hair mask from Wella SP Hydrate.  Initially it worked beautifully on my hair as it provided lustrous hair and did not cause any hair fall too even though my hair was chemically treated. I genuinely feel that this product is really mild unlike harsh runny conditioners which don’t hydrate your hair well enough and many times cause you heavy hair fall right during the time you are conditioning in the  shower.

Somehow in the middle, I stopped using this but  after a year I again started with it to feel that magic I had initially felt. My natural hair is very frizzy and dry and when I used it on my natural hair I realised that while it did add the lustre I wanted  it did not add that much weight and moisture to my hair which was required – coming to the conclusion that while this is really great, if you have ultra dry hair you may want to check something else out. I usually swear by L’Oreal absolute repair shampoo and hair mask.  If I give L’Oreal absolute repair 10/10 then Wella SP hydrate would be an  8/10.

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  1. Packaging is ultra neat and stylish. Very easy to revolve the lid to open the tub, because it is rectangular in shape it won’t slither in shower even when your hands are soapy enough.
  2. It has a warm and buttery smell which makes your hair fragrant all day long.
  3. Consistency feels like soft cream unlike those runny conditioners.
  4. It really hydrates your hair and leaves them super soft if you have normal hair and not very dry hair.


  1. As I have very dry hair it doesn’t last me very long (say 15-20 washes) even after paying Rs. 1000 for this little tub since I use good amount of conditioner in a single use.
  2. Hydrate Shampoo should have two variants: a)  Normal to Dry Hair b)  Dry and Damaged Hair

Rating: A-

Price: 995 INR

Recommendation: The best part of the Wella SP Hair Hydrate mask is that it is light , and mild and does a good job in hydrating your hair. I do think that if you have VERY dry hair you should look at other products in the market as this doesnt add that much hydration, but for normal hair types this  is a good bet.

Guest Review By Sonal

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