Before you think this is some sort of April Fools Joke, let me remind me you we are well into May, and I dont like joking about world ┬áchanging things like these. So the deal is – this girl from Harvard has invented a printer (basically using 3d print technology) that prints makeup.

How it works

Lets say you are browsing P&B online and you love a color you see. You pick that color into your color picker and tell the printer to print an eyeshadow . The printer prints out some form of powder of that color using the same ink and dyes that are FDA approved (these are the same ones used in high ends cosmetics) and you have your eyeshadow ready to be potted. That is brilliant I say.

She plans to price it at 300 USD (for a printer that prints makeup thats beyond cheap), and it will probably come with different chips. A chip for printing lipstick, a chip for eyeshadow…a frito lays chip. (Haha..kidding- couldn’t resist the lame joke).

Im going to stop talking now and you can see for yourself !

Do I think this will work

I think it depends on how much Grace choi can replicate the quality of high end brands with honestly. Its a novelty item for sure, but at the end of the day if you are going to print me an eyeshadow with minimal pigment then thats of no use to me is it? Having said that- this is definitely an industry changing product and I can already see Blair & Elle Fowler going “Waaooww” when its sent to them for review ;)

View the Video :

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