So Sephora is finally  in India, and if you guys are wondering what it is you should definitely be picking up from there this is a quick list . There is quite a bit you need to try in Sephora, so here is a quick starter guide on some stuff that is bang for your buck!

Remember: In India, Sephora only stocks Nyx, Stila, Benefit, and a handful of other brands so this list pertains only to those available in Sephora Delhi. Ofcourse if you are travelling internationally, this list would change up significantly

1. Benefit highlighters : Im a HUGE Benefit highlighter fan. Right from Girl meets Pearl, to Watts Up, to the HighBeam highlighter- each of them is different and gives a gorgeous diffused glow that I personally love.

2. Sephora Eye Pencils: Bought two of these and am incredibly happy with them. While the blue one had smudgy issues- the other two colors I got were phenomenally gorgeous and behaved like the perfect A+ material eye pencils

3.Nyx Lipsticks: These are affordable, super creamy and last a long time. Check out the bright pink I picked up that I have been sporting all summer- Nyx Lipstick in Spellbound. I also love frappucino -its one of my fav nudes.

4.Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliners: I am not sure these are what they are calls. But they work as eyeliners and cream eyeshadows all in one. Super handy for a quick touch up when you are on the go

5. MUFE HD Foundation: All the makeup artists we interviewed here, seem to love this stuff !!! The MUFE HD Foundation is definitely one of the best friends of every bridal MUA. I haven’t tried this for now, because it seems to be heavier coverage than what I am used to

6. Benefit They’r Real Mascara:LOVE THIS STUFF. This mascara is beyond amazing, and even though I have a a  “No High End Mascara, cos they all dry out” rule , Benefit’s They’r Real is one I might make an exception for. A lot of people have been kind of dissapointed once they try it cos of the hype created around this product but I think its a solid one

7. Sephora Blushes: I have one of these – which is the prettiest peachy pinks I own. I like that it is non powdery, super soft, blendable and pigmented. Lasting power is a slight issue but these are still nice to have.See one of my fav sephora blushes here

8.MUFE HD Microfinish powder (go very easy on this) : So, the deal with this powder is its white, so it may seem wierd applying it on. But it dissapears in a flash on your skin and instantly mattifies and adds radiance to your face. Now, the flipside is…if you don’t apply it correctly it has been known to cause MAJOR issues of white casts on your face so go easy on it

9. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker: If the name isn’t enough to make you sit up and take notice, the results will be ! This lip gloss plus plumper in one is what made Soap and Glory famous in the first place. Makes your lips look fuller and plumper with a great sheen

10. You tell me? Write in the comment below and tell me which names I should add to this list!

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