Aloha girlies,

Over the last year, the P&B Panel had become one of the rather looked forward to posts every now and then. And while that panel was super fab (Thanks Esha, Priyam, Sanjana), it’s time to bring in a new set of voices to be a part of our panel rounds.

If you  want to be part of the Panel (this basically involces some questions every fortnight about your fav products etc), then write in t P&B with the following details:

1. What your skin type is (Normal, oily dry)

2. What your skin tone is (Light, medium, dusky)

3. What are your skin concerns

4. What is your hair type?

5. Which makeup brand is most seen in your kit?

6. Your top 5 most used products ..


Write in to peachesandblush at gmail dot com

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