I don’t know what it is about moving, but no matter how much I stay organised I feel like I lose 50% of my closet during the move. It is SO ANNOYING, I cannot find any of my favourite t-shirts since we moved to the new flat , and unless the moving guy has a fetish for floral print zara pants, and white sundresses, I have no logical explanation as to what happened to them. ANyway, since I was running low on cute tops, I did a little splurge on Shopnineteen.com (not a splurge honestly – all this combined costed me less than what a formal top at Zara costs !)shopnineteen1






First up, is a nice orange top with bows on the shoulder. Needed something basic for work, but which has a cuteness factor and not sleeveless. This fit the bill!! The material is really soft and slinky , and nice to wear.

Price: Rs 499/-




I loved this double toned peach top the minute I saw it- this cuts away at the tummy so a part of your tummy does show, and I am a bit dissapointed with the stitching, doesn’t look great quality and the buttons look like theyr going to fall off, but for all practical purposes it looks great when worn
Price: 699/- 



OMG I LOVVVEEE these. These funky lime green slippers are my  favourite thing ever. Going to be on my feet all summer. I will admit- not the most comfortable (the sole in the middle is really soft and cushiony but its raised like you can see which makes it a bit awkward)

Price:  899/-


Olive green scoop neck plain top. Best buy ever, because at Rs 349/- you don’t get the stretchy, nice quality this top has. Wearing it to work today with white pants and a chunk necklace

Price:  349/-



I really liked this dress on the site and ordered it, but this is probably my worst buy. It doesn’t look half as nice in person and honestly ends up looking a bit tacky. Thinking of returning it

Price:  999/-

Overall : Stitching and quality of buttons is a definite issue !!! The regular, jersey stretch tops are nice but a lot of the detailing is very off and quality needs to be stepped up a notch!!! Footwear is quite nice though interms of stitching..

Which one did you like the best???

PS: They have a 10% discount running at the time of checkout


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