I can’t quite put a finger on when it happened, but somewhere in the last 3 years every single woman in my family (excluding me) has pretty much given in to “Fit Flops“. Its what they wear, everyday, everywhere and much to my horror insist that they work as formal shoes- if it were upto my mom she would wear them with her saris too.

What are Fit Flops

Fit flops is basically a 6 year old company which started manufacturing a sort of “Chappal” or “Flip Flop” like we call it but with a very different sole called the “Microwobble board sole”. When they were initially launched , a lot of people said they help you lose weight which is why all the crazy women in my family took them up. Makers say the sandals are designed to destabilise the foot slightly and force the legs to work harder by engaging muscles for a longer period of time with each step thus ensuring you stay fit¬†with just walking in them . This was scientifically proven and all that jazz so a lot of people made a beeline for them.

What is so great about them

Well my mom says that while she doesn’t know if Fit Flops help her lose weight, what she DOES know is that they are the most comfortable shoe EVER. She is OBSESSED- has a pair in probably every style they come out with and on a day when she has to get out of her fit flops she literally throws a tantrum. My cousin says once you start wearing them, every other shoe ¬†seems uncomfortable and my maasi says I need to buy them because they will change my life. Yes, we to exaggerate,.

What do I think

Well, im actually a completely ‘Flats’ wearing person so for me, even that 1 inch platform for everyday wear seems a bit much. I will admit they are SUPER comfortable, but unlike the rest of my family who is fit flop obsessed I haven’t really been sucked in yet. Though the more I grow up, the more I find my regular shoes completely painful and hard so I have actually given in to my first fit flop. Sigh. Also- theyv come up with some cool new designs which are really nice so they don’t look as ugly as they used to!

Where to find them

Venus Steps in Delhi stocks Fit Flops. Thats where all of us buy ours from. Boots in UK stocks them too!

How much do they cost
These are not your regular chappal. Atleast 3999/- will have to be shelled out!

Do you guys wear fit flops? Whats your experience been? I wanna know!

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