Prerna asks “I am getting married soon, and between P&B and Wed Me Good I have most of my questions answered. But while shopping for my makeup trousseau, I also need good brushes. Honestly I have got most of my makeup from MAC, but MAC brushes are very expensive, so I need to know if there are some MUST HAVE brushes from MAC/ any other brand which is equally good you recommend but cheaper?”

Hi Prerna, congrats on the wedding girlie ! Well here is a list of my fav brushes :

 Mac 239: Very nice shader brush, picks color well and use it to pack on color to the lid

Mac 217: Blending brush for eyeshadow

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki : I don’t know what I would have done without it! My go-to foundation brush (Can be ordered online via

Coastal Scents brushes: I own a lot of Coastal Scents brushes, one for depositing crease color, one for blending out the crease, a small one for inner corners. For the money I spent on them I think they are brilliant

Vega Professional brushes: These are MILES better than the regular vega brushes!!! Still not my favourite but if you want an option locally available these are decent.

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