Yayieeee ! So excited because my Coastal Scents Revealed Pallette is here with me!! I ordered this about a week back, and it is kind of the Coastal Scents equivalent of the naked pallette (heck even the name is similar . Originality I tell you- severely lacking in this world.). But the colors in this, I actually like better…

revealed-pallette-coastal-scents A sleek, narrow flip top opening with a mouse grey colored casing.



Two rows of mostly neutral eyeshadows, and the thing I like the most about this pallette is how versatile the colors are. In a lot of nude pallettes almost everything ends up looking gold-brown. This has a selection of coppers, plums, pinks, peaches, and greys all in subdued nude tones.

I am still testing it- overall I can say I love the satiny shades, some of the matte ones need more work and the glittery ones have a tad bit more fallout but overall this is a pallette I am going to be travelling with for many, many years.

coastal-scents-revealed-pallette1That is a closer look at the Pallette. Swatches, detailed reviews and looks coming soon!!

Price: 9 USD (there was an offer)

Shipping: I took the most expensive shipping option honestly, because Iv had an issue with USPS International previously. I ended up paying for fedex express because I had fedex credits, so my total was 40 USD , but if you go with a cheaper option you can get it including shipping for about 30 USD which is 1800 Rs (VERY VERY good deal for such a large pallette)



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