Incase you haven’t noticed, I love peach blush. (DUH..have you read the title of this blog. It was one of the reasons I named it that – apart from the fact that all the good names were already taken!) . But yes I love peach blush and after our ‘How to wear Printed Pants’ article a lot of you wrote in asking for posts on how to wear a particular makeup product-so lets start with peach blush.

1. Pick a peach that will flatter you: Im of the opinion that peach looks good on EVERYONE. It is all about getting a peach for your skintone. The paler girls can give soft, really pale biscuity peaches a try and the darker ones can go for brownish-peaches, more earthy terracotta shades

For light skintones: Try Mac Peaches, Mac Springsheen

For Medium Skintones: Try Mac Peaches, Maybelline Creamy Cinnamon, Mac Melba

For darker Skintones: Try Mac Peachtwist, Mac Gingerly

2. Pair it with lipsticks that are either Nudes (peachy nudes like Mac Mocha work brilliantly), or pair it with bright oranges like L’oreal Moist Matte Lipstick in Orange power

3. If you are going for a nude lip, experiment on your eyes in shades of brown. Soft brown smokey eyes work very well with peach blushes and nude lips , as does soft tones of gold eyeshadow and brown eyeliner on the eyes. Alternatively if you are going the bright orange lipstick route, stick to a classic winged eye in a brown eyeliner form / black liner with peach blush .


4. Peach blushes complemented with the looks above look great with

– An all gold, sequinned dress

– A plain white dress

– Brown toned outfits in beige, camel and chocolate brown

– Cobalt blue outfits (Orange lipstick stands out against blue outfits)

– Soft, Chiffon saris in shades of peach, coral, yellow and beige

5. Soft peaches dusted below the eye brow give a warm, sunkissed look to the face. Its a great way to instantly warm up your face for paler skintones.

6.Most of the color should probably concentrate not right on the apples, but slightly further back from the apples, more of a sculpted look. : The apples of the cheeks should always have color similar to how you blush naturally, and since people rarely ever ‘blush- peach’, peach should be left for more of a sculpted sort of a look

7. Read some Peach blush reviews below:


Wearing Mac peaches with Mac mocha lipstick

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