Inglot Cream Concealer in Shade 29 Review (3) Inglot Cream Concealer in Shade 29 Review

After trying every other cream available in the market to reduce acne and dark circles, reading up on al these home made remedies  I finally gave up one year ago and decided that if you cant beat em, you conceal em!!! After lots of research and all I finally settled upon Inglot Cream concealer.

About Inglot Concealers: Inglot Concealers comes in four variants: Cream Concealer, AMC Cream Concealer, Perfect Concealer, AMC Corrective Illuminator.

Product Description: Sponge-like spheres, treated pigments and breathable film formers allow this long lasting, transfer resistant concealer to blend perfectly without clogging pores. Superior mattifying agents ensure a long lasting matte finish, leaving the skin protected and textural differences smoothed. Also available in white, yellow, and green for the skin that needs special treatment.


  •     Paraben free formula.
  •     Not tested on animals.

Packaging: The product comes in transparent tube with a nozzle secured with black screw-open cap. The Nozzle tip is very hygienic and user friendly as it is easy to control the amount of product required for usage.

My take on the product:

This concealer is creamy as the name suggests, and is a bit thicker in consistency. The good part is that despite being thick it is easy to work with i.e. you can blend it using fingers or a  brush and both ways it blends in beautifully. However being creamy and having  a bit of a  thick consistency has its cons too , one of them being that this dries up super quickly – so you need to rush to blend it in so that  it sinks in your skin seamlessly and hide those ugly blemishes. The concealer is odourless and provides a solid coverage to hide my  under eye dark circles and acne scars as well.This concealer stays on for about 3-4 hours easily on my oily skin and after that I need to re-apply it for a neat and fresh look.

Inglot Cream Concealer in Shade 29 Review (5)Inglot Cream Concealer in Shade 29 Review (6)Inglot Cream Concealer in Shade 29 Review (6)Inglot Cream Concealer in Shade 29 Review (4)Inglot Cream Concealer in Shade 29 Review (7)Inglot Cream Concealer in Shade 29 Review (2)

Thumbs up for Inglot Cream Concealer:

  1.     Easy to work with- either with fingers or with brush.
  2.     Provides good full coverage to hide acne scar and dark circles.
  3.     Odorless.
  4.     Doesn’t clog pores or settle in fine lines.
  5.     Good staying power.
  6.     Hygienic and user friendly packaging.
  7.     Paraben free formula.
  8.     Cruelty free.
  9.     Value for money product.

Thumbs down for Inglot Cream Concealer:

  1.     Inglot Cosmetics are not available easily.
  2.     Quickly dries off so you need to hurry to blend it in.
  3.  Has a thicker consistency which doesn’t matter for covering acne, but it definitely matters in terms of hiding under eye scars

Rating: A-

Price: Rs. 700/- for 10 ml/0.33 oz of the product.

Recommendation: Although the price is a bit steep when we look at the quantity provided, but every time you need just a tiny-miny amount to cover your dark spots and the result is simply superb. So all in all Iam satisfied with this product and I do recommend it to all you girls.

And finally look who I spotted while clicking pictures in garden…..

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Guest Review By Nausheen

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