Dont know about you but the names of these Lakme Absolute Color Illusion eyeshadows sound like names of DJ’s to  me !! “DJ Smokey Pearl is in the house ladiieessss and he will be playing right next to DJ Gollld Peaarrrlll” …no? Its just me ? Oh ok.
Anyway, names aside these eyeshadows are one of the rare ‘mono shadows’ to be launched by Lakme and they are part of the Color Illusion range by Lakme Absolute!

lakme-illusion-blue-pearl-eyeshadow lakme-absolute-color-illusion-eyeshadows

No points for guessing- which one is smokey pearl, and which one is gold pearl right?

First thoughts- shimmer ! These are sheer, and shimmery and if you like to have a wash of shimmer on your eyes to make them pop you will probably love these. Me however..ummm..welll- I like pigmentation and in that department these two cuties dont really score the best marks yaknow?

Sure they seem smooth to apply and all, but I really need to layer for the pigmentation to show. The best way to use them is actually to use them wet-in which case pigmentation takes a quantum leap forward but otherwise when used dry they can be problematic- specially because the fallout is kind of bad too.

Smokey pearl is definitely better in terms of both payoff as well as fallout than gold pearl and they are both eyeshadows you will want to wear on your night out. Smokey pearl is a beautiful grey-blue which is nice for a smokey eye and gold pearl is a nice shimmery cream that you can put on the centre of your lid or as a brow bone highlight.




Verdict: B-

Price: Rs 750/-

Recommendation: Both of these were too sheer for my liking honestly. Plus had some fallout issues. When used wet  they do significantly improve and Smokey pearl does give decently good payoff when used wet but at this price point I expect atleast solid pigmentation if nothing else



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