I am not a watch person. AT ALL. I love them, I think they look awesome on my wrist and I know I like chunky watches, but over the course of the last twenty-something years (I have officially entered the world where I say my age is twenty-something rather than ’21’ or ’22’ ), I have managed to lose EVERY SINGLE watch of mine. It’s not a coincidence- every single watch has been gobbled up somewhere inside my house , never to be found again.

So now I have stopped buying ┬áthese all together honestly. I just like to look at them and go “Ooohhh shinneyy”. Spotted these on pinterest and they caught my heart! Along with a few must have slippers for the summer.

1. Kate Spade Slippers: Thong Flats are anyway my sandal of choice during summer and put them in a tan and gold with a bow and you have got yourself cuteness personified.

2. Mint and Peach watch: I liked the zigzag pattern details on this and the mint strap is oh-so-cute.

3. Glitter Straps Watch: Another one by Kate Spade . Iv realised Im obsessed with Kate Spade these days. Between Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Ted Baker , I have all my firang fashion brand fix going on. Itching to take an international trip

4. Floral Print Watch with Tan Strap: This is SOOOOO me !!! A mix of pretty, with a mix of tomboyish-ness. I love how the floral print contrasts against the tan strap. This is available on Etsy.

5.Anchor watch with tan strap: I love navy detailing of all kind. Ofcourse the men in uniform weakness is one of the reasons but even apart from that, love the Navy stripes, the anchor motifs and all the shebang that goes with it and when you add glitter on an anchor and put it in a watch, you just struck gold for me. Wayy cute, also available on Etsy

6. Printed tan and turquoise slippers: LOVVVEEEE these . Love the print on them and they would be the perfect funky counterpart for a shopping trip with the girls.


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