I was browsing through Sephora Delhi, minding my own business when this lipstick literally called out my name. I was very content with the other lippy in my hand- a nice, neutral, sensible pink brown that I could wear everyday but this bright, peppy pink was literally dying to be held and the minute I swatched it , I knew I had found  my new hot pink love for summah! Gimme an Iced mojito, a tall straw with an umbrella , a white sundress and a cute boy (oh that I already have) to wear this lipstick with!





Spellbound is actually a  bright, watermelon pink but somehow it appears darker in the swatch. Dont know what is up with that- I clicked it like a gazillion times! To see a more accurate color representation I suggest you check out this post. Its a color that darker girls can carry off just as easy as lighter skin ones, and if bright pinks make you scared then you should definitely check this one out. It is pleasingly non scary and dare I add a bit of a dupe for Mac Speak Louder which is one of my fav pink lipsticks

Nyx Round Lipsticks have SO much potential. They are incredibly creamy, lush and pigmented, glide with ease and all in all completely value for money. This one actually also lasts very long and leaves a stain as it fades. My only issue with the round lipsticks is that they are so creamy, they go melting off their tubes in the Indian summer in no time. I remember Nyx Frappucino was one of my fav nudes, but its lying like melted icecream in my lipstick compartment. The packaging is a bit on the flimsy side too!

nyx-spellbond-lipstick1Somehow, I couldn;t get the exact color right. It isnt as deep- its more bright in real life

nyx-spellbound-lipstick1Wearing Nyx Spell Bound with Sephora Brand Blue Eye pencil (LOVE that pencils color)…Picked it up and they are miles better than the crappy sephora mini pencils I had tried on my trip to NY

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 395/-
Recommendation: Spellbound is a beautiful bright pink that will flatter Indian skintones, who lets face it- always struggle to find bright pinks that work. I really love the Nyx round lipsticks range-this one is pigmented, creamy and lasts super long (leaves a stain behind as it fades), just wish they were’nt so melty!



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