“Florals for Spring? Ground breaking?” said Miranda Priestly in one of my favourite movies – The Devil wears Prada.  She would probably scoff at my outfit and go “Pastel pink pants. UGH” . Well Miranda Priestly can take a hike, cos the heat is so crazy in Delhi I cannot be bothered  by any comments at the moment. I swear, fifty degrees celcius is what I read in the thermometer the other day and I was like whaaaa?

Apologies for the rather poor quality of photos, I swear a gorilla would be better with a camera as compared to the boy. The guy just doesn’t get it.

While I am not getting much time to prance around in my garden to give you pretty scenic photos, I thought that shouldn’t be a reason to stop me from giving you outfit posts. Wore this to a lunch date with the girls, and this is again one of those things I bought and forgot about until I discovered it sometime recently.

Floral Print Top: Forever 21

Pink Pants: Levis



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