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I’m a surfer babe, on a surfer wave…Life in plastic, It’s fantastic ! 

Sorry, for a moment there this Sephora Eyeliner pencil in “Surfer Babe” took me back to my Barbie Girl (song by Aqua) days ! By the way anyone else think those lyrics had way too many undertones for kiddos to sing (You can touch my hair, undress me everywhere??!). Anyway, coming  back to our Surfer Babe – I picked her up from Sephora Delhi when I was looking for some nice and affordable pencils from Nyx. Couldn’t find a blue I liked and I remember having an absolutely terrible experience with some Sephora pencils I had picked up from NYC so I was staying far away from these.

But like I said, I get bullied by SA’s and she grabbed my hands and swiped it across. It just looked so stunning, and felt so soft I realised these were not the same ones I had seen in NYC and within moments Surfer Babe was my new best friend for summer . I have been introducing her around to all my friends, taking her with me to parties and in general just chilling around the house with her.

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Sephora’s Eye Pencil in Surfer Babe is one of the prettiest blue eye pencils I own. Think deep blue with just a tinge of green- reminiscent of Mac’s Siahi fluidline and absolutely gorge on the eyes girls. It’s a color you will droool over !

In terms of pigmentation- absolutely fantastic, texture even better. These are so smooth, creamy, vibrant  and buttery that applying these is a total breeze you guys. If you think Colorbar I Glides are soft try these- these are like their softer sisters. Ofcourse there has to be a catch and in this case, the catch is that these smudge. They transfer on to the upper lid in the heat and a slight swipe on your eyes will definitely leave blue stains around your eye area. So not cool. Still, nice to own just for a night out or something when you don’t need to wear it for long periods of time.



  • Stunning, Stunning blue – one of the prettiest I own
  • Incredibly pigmented
  • Very soft and creamy texture- almost buttery
  • Sharpen decently well
  • Affordable


  • Smudges with the slight touch of the finger and specially in very hot climates (Though this is only with the blue one- the green in the same brand didnt have the problem)


Verdict: B+

Price: Approx 375 i think (Ok so i checked- got these at a discount…original is approx 500)

Verdict:  This Sephora eye pencil would have gotten an A+ had it not been for the smudging factor. Super  pigmented, incredibly soft, and Surfer babe is just a stunning, stunning blue. But it doesn’t hold up very well over  time (has a tendency to smudge if you touch them). Having said that, I still like these a lot and the other color I have (its a pretty emerald green doesn’t have the same smudgy problems!)

PS: now that song is stuck in my head. I can walk, I can talk do whatever you please….I can act like a star I can beg on my knees. Dont you beg me my friend let us do it again, kiss me here touch me there hanky panky… I can touch…I can play…if you say Im always yours (Woooaaawoooo)…Im a barbie girl…

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