I kid you not people, the end of the world is near. The temperature in my car today was reading 49.5 degrees-thats a smidgen under a half century!!!!!!! . Im convinced that we are all going to be little fried eggs by the end of this summer and so the limited amount of time we do have on this planet earth, lets eat, drink, be merry and do makeup ! This one is a soft and romantic look of the day!

romantic-makeup-look-indian1 romantic-makeuo1-001

Had such a late night yesterday- had my friends over to our new flat for the first time ever ! Chinese food + favourite people + drinks = perfect recipe to destress. As you can tell, the Bobbi Brown concealer couldn’t really cover up all the dark circles, but who cares. A little bit showing through shows character. I wanted to do a tutorial on this look, but I will probably postpone it to the time when I am doing videos , because picture tutorials are a pain to click and I just can never get them right

Stuff i used:

  • Loreal UV perfect tinted moisturizer
  • Maybelline dream touch blush (love this )
  • Mac mehr lipstick mixed with Mac lusterin lipstick
  • Mac Expensive Pink, Mac Plum dressing and a deep purple from my Sleek pallette as eyeshadows

I left my lower lash line completely blank

Thats about it folks!  How is your end of the week looking like?

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