The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited EDP Review (1) The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited EDP Review

Product Claims: This exhilarating fragrance Dreams Unlimited by The Body Shop features a floral fragrance for women. Dreams Unlimited was created by Loc Dong and Anne Flipo.

 Top Notes: Citrus and Green Chilli

Middle Notes: Delicate White Flowers

Base Notes: Soft Cedar Wood

My Review:

This pretty perfume was gifted to me by my sis-in-law. She’s a huge  Body Shop fan and her dresser overflows with TBS products. While I have mostly stuck to their body butters and shower gels, me thinks she gifted this to me because I seem to always be lost in day dreams! So the name is apt huh.

When I opened this I was quite impressed by the bottle as I quite like the clean lines of the glass and the minimalistic bottle . Plus the notes seemed really interesting- chilli and citrus? Gimme ! However honestly, my first whiff wasn’t too pleasant- it smelt a bit too strongly of flowers and my personal preference is either aquatic scents or citrusy aromas so this one was too strong for me. However, once you give it five minutes on your skin the perfume reaches its base notes which I liked a lot more. The strong floral aroma settles down a bit to give a more delicate floral twist that is more pleasing. The woody , rough elements of Cedar Wood start to blend in with the floral scent to give it a more developed, wholesome feel.

While this did not last too long on me, those who do enjoy floral fragrances might want to give this a whirl. Its a nice perfume for travelling as its leak proof , and doesn’t break the bank as much either.


The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited EDP Review (2)The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited EDP Review (3)


  1. It has a Sober yet elegant packaging.
  2. It is very rightly priced.
  3. This perfume is a real treat to floral noses.
  4. The lid of the bottle grips tight so it becomes travel friendly and leak proof.


  1. Staying power is not so effective this product being an eau de toilette.
  2. Sometimes very delicate to handle. This crystal clear bottle does not feel very sturdy.
  3. If you like delicate scents or are a fruity/ aquatic scent lover you may not like this.

Rating: B+

Price: 1450 INR

Recommendation: This one called Dreams Unlimited from Body Shop will transport you into a floral garden at first and as it settles will start to resemble like monsoon rain- floral but earthy. If you prefer aquatic or fruity scents you probably wont like this and I suggest you wait for the base notes to kick in before judging this- the initial burst of scent may be too strong !

Guest Review By Sonal

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