Okay so when the boy and me quit our jobs, we were certain we would move back to Hyderabad (his home town), live with family and base our venture from there. There is no point shelling out rent in Delhi when we have a home there and the business was online so it didn;t matter plus the boy needed to help his dad out with his business .

But well, once we launched we realised that when it comes to weddings- you cannot afford to be far away from Delhi and given that Wed Me Good  got a decent response we knew we had to stick around here. The problem- our old house which I had put in effort and time into buying furniture for (see it here)  we had already rented out along with our furniture !!! ACK ! So now…we had to find a new, pre-furnished home !!!! Believe me, finding a good rental accomodation that is furnished is  a 100 times harder than finding an unfurnished house. Sigh.

First house we went to:  second floor apartment of a bungalow . Nice, new kind of furniture and decent bathrooms. Problem- its a 1 BHK . So space was tiny…sigh. Okay lets keep this as a backup option incase we dont find anything else.

Second house we went to: 2 bhk, but oh my god !!! Disgustingly kept- and though the owner threw his arms dramatically to showcase his bathroom as if it was Cleopatra’s bath tub or something- it turned out to be a tiny little cubby hole that didnt look like it had been cleaned for years

Third house we went to: Beautiful furniture, nice wood work, good spacing. The problem- the broker forgot to mention this is a PG so you share your flat with other people. Wha?? It would be perfect if I was studying or workin alone but as a married couple?

Fourth house we went to: Nice option in a high rise apartment . Kept well, everything looks good. Problem- landlord asking for an exorbitant amount

Fifth house we went to: Very entertaining landlord uncle who is quite old, yet made tons of remarks about me marrying a sindhi, how my husband needs to be kept an eye on, wondering why we are so nice to each other (Oh accha…only 2 years of marriage thats why he commented). Not a high rise, but a nice enough place with good space thought not my kind of furniture. Catch- tiny TINY kitchen and WAYYYY beyond our budget

So we were basically sitting around wondering what the hell to do when the fifth landlord called us and said he really liked us and wanted a family to move in to his place( No jokes, the woman who lived here before us has SOME stories huh..my maid keeps giving me gossip about her, lets not get into details but it invariably involves boys, alcohol and cigarettes and my maid being horrified. No wonder the uncle wants a family!) . he was ready to give us a GREAT deal on the house because he wanted trustworthy people (fyi- the boys face = trustworthy.Somehow older aunties and uncles alike love him)

So yeah, this is us for a little time. Im annoyed that I dont get to keep the furniture I had chosen for my old home…but oh well..

Before the makeover


HATE those ugly cushions. Dying to give them a makeover. Not a big fan of those sofas or that table either- everything looks so boring !!! Im missing my grey and turquoise and purple living room i had set up so cutely!! Waaah :(



The nice thing about this house- is that large bay window on the right- opens up to a big balcony. See that tiny little door on the left- yeah thats the non existant kitchen meant for I dont know who… a family of little ants or something.



Like the wooden flooring….BUT no dresser in this house. So for now Iv put my stuff on a study table.

After the Makeover:?????

There is a limited amount I can do with a pre-furnished home, but thats whats keeping me busy at the moment !

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