I could write a thesis on just hair care, not because I have  rather lustrous ones, infact its quite the contrary. But because I have such weak, dry, limp hair that I do everything I possibly can to not damage it further (but the hard water in Gurgaon doesn’t help..ugh- which by the way could be the sixth mistake you are making- washing your hair with hard water.). Anyway, here are some things to watch out for:

1. Having your last rinse with warm water: If your hair is frizzy, and you want smoother mane, one of the easiest tricks is to ensure that the last rinse right before you get out of the shower is with cool water. The funda is, warm water  dissolves the natural oil your hair secretes and strips away the moisture making your hair frizzy and dry. If you want frizz free hair, ensure your last rinse is with cold water- it increases shine and reduces frizz.

2. Drying it with a towel by rubbing the towel on your head(like they show in advertisements) : Seriously, I have no idea why they show so much hair rubbing happening in adverts. Its the worst thing you could do on wet hair! The best, most gentle way to dry your hair is to simple pat it and let your towel dry it.

3. Using a hairbrush on wet hair : DONT!!! If your hair is wet/ semi wet and you want to comb it, always use a wide toothed comb and nothing else. Hair is most gentle when wet and very prone to breakage. Getting a hairbrush even 2 cms near it is likely to cause hairfall and stress! The best way to actual go about doing this is to not touch wet hair at all – just brush your hair BEFORE you head into the shower, and then comb it once its almost dry.

4. Using Conditioner all over your hair: This probably depends on your hair type, but for 90% of people using conditioners only starting from the middle of your hair towards the ends is the way to go. (I use conditioner from my ear downwards). Conditioners cause build up close to the scalp and you already have natural moisture near that area- you dont need conditoner there.

5. Tieing a ponytail at the same spot: Always move your pony up and down an inch every day. The rubber band can cause breakage and stress and before you know it your pony gets thinner and thinner

6. Having a bath with hard water: Find out what type of water comes in your home- unfortunately mine is hard. My doctor has advised me to only use MCD soft water, or use Aaro purifiers or something like that. Hard water is AWEFUL for hair .

7. Washing your hair with beer: There is this common myth that beer helps in haircare and shine. While the shine part is true, a hairwash with beer is definitely going to get your hair looking shiny, what it also will do is completely strip out the oil from your hair and make it look dry and jhadoo like!

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