When I was a kiddy, I remember this aunty type person coming to my house with these heaters with wax and all sorts of lotions and potions  as a “salon at home” for my mom. While at that time my puny little brain didn’t really understand what the big deal about all of this was, what I do remember was that mum was just relieved she didnt have to go to a salon in the heat and get out of the comfort of her home. Somehow over the years, as we moved houses we lost touch with that aunty type person, and couldn’t find more of those so starting frequenting the regular salons near our home.

Recently, came across a pamphlet of this “Beauty Express” service which is a similar concept started in Gurgaon where I live. Given how much I hate salons (I detest them- don’t find them relaxing at all and get majorly bored staring at a blank white wall), and how little time I get to go to salons, I thought i should give this service a whirl as I sit and watch tv and get waxed up.

What its about:

Basically, you call them up and tell them the services you want. They then send someone over to your place who does all the services you want at your home. They get a bill alongside, you pay . They leave. Easy- all done in the comfort of your home. They have stuff like waxing , threading, makeup, draping, basically everything you would get in a salon

Is it good?

So I have asked for them about 3-4 times now, (Iv only got stuff like waxing, threading and basics like that done) and I actually quite like it. I have to say it depends a lot on the person that comes home- sometimes they can be amazing, sometimes not so good but overall I have had a good experience and most importantly I like that they look neat and clean, professional and they don’t mess up the house- every last drop of wax is cleaned up


  • You can wax while watchin the telly, or eating maggi, or anything else because they come home
  • For people who are always dependent on others to make them travel its  super because they come home
  • The service is neat and tidy- they don’t create a big puddle of stuff
  • The people are professional, hygienic and know their stuff
  • They reach on time without too many delays
  • The rates are like regular salon rates- so yr not paying that much extra


  • You can;t have too many impulse purchases. Because you have to inform them what you need before coming, if you dont tell them that you want threading, they won’t carry the thread so you cant throw last minute surprises on them
  • Service varies from individual to individual- some who come home and excellent, others are ok. Plus I have only tried the basic services so I cant comment on the hair/ makeup type things

Get in touch with them: Beauty Express

*This is not a sponsored post by the way, I just happened to call these guys home and thought a review would be helpful.

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