Italy….hmm. Let’s see – I know  that their food is amazing, the guys are hot  and that the cast of Jersey Shore gives that entire race a bad name I tell you (not to mention the Real Housewives of New Jersey who are all Italian and insanely fun to watch even though I feel my braincell dying minute by minute as i watch them) . But who knew Italian roses are as pretty as this Bobbi Brown Creamy lip Color?? It’s not a color I would have picked up myself (looked too dark in the tube and unflattering on the hand), but the sweet Bobbi brown SA was like “Thats too mature for you”  when I tried a different color and she instantly whipped this one up and said- THIS is what you need to try. Honesty- always appreciate that in Sales Staff, and in hairstylists (goddamnit when you say one inch, you better cut just one inch)






bobbi-brown-italian-rose-creamy-lip-color3 bobbibrown1





I was looking for a nice, everyday pink brown – something that’s my perfect MLBB, something I can wear everyday, can wear to a party, can wear with smokey eyes and Italian Rose is just that . The color is so gorgeous specially for Indian skin tones-its like a warm pinkish brown or  a nice sweet toffee color that is the PERFECT MLBB for me. No literally, thats the natural color of my lips people.

While I am quite obsessed with the matte lip color in the same range (Pink Lily is one of my all time favourites), this one was my first Creamy Lip Color. The finish is gorgeous, and I love how fresh and shiny this looks (like Iv worn gloss but with pigment) but I do admit it doesn’t completely cover the pigmentation in my upper lip, which means if you have EXTREMELY dark lips these might be just a tad bit sheer for you. The texture and glide is actually similar to the Revlon Colorburst Lip butters and these are extremely hydrating and comfy to wear  but I get a very  average wear time and I wish they would improve that.



  • Lovely glide and texture
  • Finish is nice and glossy
  • Very moisturizing and hydrating
  • The color is super flattering on Indian skin tones and is the perfect MLBB
  • Nice and creamy on the lips


  • Can be just a bit sheer if you have pigmented lips, but for 90% of the people this will do.
  • Has a tendency to get wiped off relatively quickly

Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 1650/-

Recommendation: The creamy lip color by Bobbi Brown is lightweight, super moisturizing and has a very pretty shiny finish. Italian rose is honestly the perfect MLBB shade for me- a pretty pink brown, or a sweet toffee color which looks lovely. Pigmentation is quite good but if you have deeply pigmented lips you may want to layer it on much more/ look for more pigmented alternatives.

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