If you are Punjabi, you would have at some point hummed the “High Heels” song by Honey Singh & Jazz Dhami . The very fact that the song talks about desi girls, wearing high heels and Bobbi brown makeup specifically is just proof of the fact that this is one International makeup brand that makes colors for Olive skin tones (though I really wish they took an Indian in the music video!). Anyway, coming to the point- the Bobbi Brown foundation- which let me just say if you struggle to find your skin tone match, you can rest assured you wil find it in the Bobbi Brown store. I think I tried like 3 shades all of which seemed good matches. And you know what they say-a good match finds you a good catch ! ;) (Actually, no one says that I just made my own makeup quote !!)


Coming to the Bobbi Brown Even skin tone Long Wear Foundation,  Im going to do a pro-con list for this one instead of a paragraph review (Btw- quick vote. Do you guys prefer a pro con list to skin through quickly, or do you prefer paragraphs ?)


  • Medium coverage that goes  to high. Evens out skin tone and covers blemishes and scars, but if you have very bad skin you would require concealer, though it would work for 90% of the people
  • The finish is awesome- a soft, natural matte that looks like your second skin. Blend well and you wont find traces of this anywhere, just a beautiful finish
  • Lasts decently long about 7  hours though it claims 12.
  • For oily and normal skintones, this is going to keep oil secretion in check and makes sure your face stays nice and matte (but not in a harsh matte way, in a nice, natural way)
  • Photographs well even though it has an SPF of 15
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the skin
  • Glides very nicely on the skin and blends seamlessly without much effort


  • For dry skin like mine I DEFINITELY need a moisturizer under – neath,  or else the foundation ends up looking a bit flaky and dry. When I tried this on, I was like ugh but the minute I used a moisturizer it looked awesome
  • Sensitive skin tones- this may break you out- my cousin sis has very sensitive skin (She breaks out in 80% of the products and this was one of those)

bobbi-brown-long-wear-even-finish-foundation bobbi-brown-long-wear-even-finish-foundation2 bobbi-brown-long-wear-even-finish-foundatio32




Natural Tan


See the difference?


Best way to use: Apply moisturizer everywhere specially flaky areas, dab on to skin and use a buffing brush to blend it in. Its fairly easy!!!

Overall, I actually quite like the Bobbi Brown foundation mostly because even with the high coverage, its non suffocating and makes my skin look naturally beautiful. I do recommend you wait for about 10 minutes after applying because you see the beautiful effects only after some time when it settles on your skin

Verdict :A-

Price: Rs 3200/-

Shade: Natural Tan

Do I like this better than Mac Face & Body: They are so different. Face & Body provides incredible amount of hydration and glow and gives my dry skin a beautiful dewy finish but it doesn’t really stay in place too long. When I need more coverage , need to hide up more blemishes and longer wear time I would go with this.

Recommendation: The Bobbi Brown Even Complexion Long Stay foundation is a terrific buy specially if you have oily or dry skin. It gives a soft matte finish, keeps oil at bay, without looking unnatural and starkly matte and overall makes it look like your skin is naturally beautiful ! With coverage that can range from medium to high, it evens out the skintone and hides acne marks and lasts a long time. Girls with dry skin- you MUST use a very good moisturizer before applying !!

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