Deborah Atomic Red mat lipstick 03

These little tubes look like mini bullets on my dresser (Pichkyaaoooo  – that was me shooting bullets in the air. Ever played laser tag? So fun !! Played with the boy and his sisters last time I was visiting here . I got so excited trying to shoot everyone , I ended up getting shot the most amount of times myself  ) . So yeah coming back to where we were, little bullets that make up an army of pretty matte color to have fun with.  I really think, if Deborah went in for a rebrand and got a more cooler, new age vibe to it its sales would pick up a dozen times more cos honestly their products aren’t half bad, infact many of them are staples in my makeup collection.

Imp:  Not sure if these are this packaging because I got a sample to test, because the regular ones look different. The color would be same though.




The color: If you read P&B regularly you would know this is a Mehak color. Kind of like the color of sunkissed terracotta, a matte peachy brown that not only works with darker eyes but also on its own. If you like Mac Mocha (which is one of my all time favourite lipsticks), then this is a close version of that except this has a more upbeat tone to it and is a tad more orange while Mocha is a tad more nude but still very similar. Would look fab on dusky girls , medium toned girls and even lighter, warm toned girls.

Quality & Texture: These are super pigmented lipsticks which is the best thing about them because one swipe is enough to cover up any sort of pigmentation. They also apply pretty smoothly and glide nicely because of their inherently creamy texture . In terms of moisturization, they do tend to get just a tad bit drying after half hour to one hour but you have to remember these are mattes, so its hard to find mattes which dont do that. Longevity is pretty decent as well, I find they last as long as i need them to and also leave a stain




deborah-atomic-mat-004 deborah-atomic-mat-lipstick


  • Incredibly pigmented
  • Smooth, almost creamy texture
  • Decent long lasting
  • Love this particular shade- sort of like Mac Mocha and would look great on very dusky girls as well


  • Can get  drying after the  first hour and feel a bit tight on the lips

Verdict : A-

Price: Rs 625/-

Recommendation: Deborah Atomic Mat in 03 is a pretty, terracotta color …like a peachy brown which is exactly the kind of color I love to recommend !!! Can never have enough of these and this matte is pigmented, smooth, decently long lasting though definitely a bit drying so I recommend a light swipe of a balm before you put these !

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