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CC Cream 

Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ 

A city-proof complexion

Paris, New York, London, Rio, Shanghai, Tokyo… Regardless of their time zone, today’s women live a thousand lives in one. Important meetings, business lunches, briefs to finish, must-attend yoga classes, exclusive premiers and dinners, files to check and never-ending emails… Urban life is extreme, and it inevitably takes its toll on the complexion, which dulls and loses its freshness.

The cause? A vicious cycle: pollutants adhere to skin, mix in with sebum and generate toxins and free radicals under the effects of daily UVs. The harm they do is only too visible on the face: redness, greying, premature ageing. Skin becomes dehydrated, pulls and shows signs of tiredness more easily.

After interviewing over 9,700 women in 6 different countries, the research and innovation department observed an overall dissatisfaction with the appearance of their complexion and the solutions available.  Over half of the women tended to have dull complexion issues. When asked to identify their beauty enemies, the same words came up again and again: stress, lack of sleep, UV, pollution…

  • Pollution is also pointed out by 28% of Japanese women, 71% of French women, 35% of American women, 69% of Chinese women*.
  • Lack of sleep is identified by 69% of Japanese women, 77% of French women, 62% of American women, 85% of Chinese women*.
  • Stress comes out top with 71% of Japanese women, 66% of French women, 63% of American women, 72% of Chinese women and 38% of Brazilian women*.

*TNS Sofres study/Top 10 Women/L’Oréal Research & Innovation

The Lancôme solution: An all-in-one product to protect and beautify the complexion while preserving skin’s youth and beauty.

It would take a miracle…

For all of these women, Lancôme presents a brand new hybrid product: City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++, a genius formula combining the instant perfection of a make-up effect with lasting skincare benefits to create an instantly perfect complexion coupled with long-lasting action.

Even out like a foundation – Perfect like a beautifier – Hydrate like a moisturiser – Protect against UV like a sunscreen – Fight shine like a powder.

City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ is a single formula with clinically proven efficacy which reduces the appearance of complexion irregularities while beautifying skin. An all-in-one healthy glow and anti-tiredness formula to even out the complexion while protecting against UV rays and city stresses and maintaining ideal moisture levels all day long.

The very best of make-up and skincare to fulfil the needs of today’s urban women: the first CC cream tested in some of the world’s most polluted cities like Paris, Shanghai and New York and praised by most women for its ability to resist daily stresses and prevent complexion greying.

CC for… City Care

The City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ contains a concentrated complex of powerful active ingredients to reduce the appearance of imperfections while beautifying and clarifying the complexion day after day and safeguarding skin against everyday aggressors.

For instant perfection:

–          Healthy-glow effect thanks to coated mineral pigments: ultra-light and in perfect affinity with skin, they instantly melt in for a radiant glow effect in a texture offering both comfort and coverage.

–          Moisturisation thanks to glycerine: acts on skin’s elasticity, leaving it soft and hydrated.

For lasting correction:

  • Against pollution, Detoxyl: a potent anti-pollution active ingredient. It prevents metallic pollutants from adhering to skin while helping to detoxify cells and boost skin’s resistance against external aggressors.
  • Against UV rays, SPF50/PA+++: very high protection against both UVB and UVA – unusually high for a CC cream – to prevent age spot formation and photo-ageing.
  • Against premature ageing, adenosine and vitamin CG: a potent anti-fatigue combo. The association of these two active ingredients helps to reduce wrinkle depth and the appearance of age spots, while improving complexion radiance, to compensate for the harm caused by free radicals, passive smoking and lack of sleep.
  • Against complexion greying, kombucha and musk rose oil: an anti-dullness duo which helps to improve skin quality, to refresh and illuminate the complexion and to fade signs of tiredness.

CC for… Complexion Correction

What do women want? To revive a complexion clouded by fatigue. City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ is available in three healthy-glow shades, exclusively developed to illuminate and refresh every complexion with a light, natural-looking finish.

01 – Beige dragée: to bring radiance and a hint of pink to fair complexions.

02 – Peau de pêche: to warm Caucasian skin with a natural healthy glow.

03 – Beige aurore: to bring sun-kissed, subtly golden tones to dark skin.

Lancome City Miracle CC Cream

Its featherweight moisturising texture integrates a high UVB/UVA protection factor. In a caress of sensoriality, its fuses with skin so well you forget you are wearing it. Its rich texture is applied all over the face, leaving nothing but a subtle yet instantly identifiable fragrance – the addictive scent of Teint Miracle: a simultaneously fruity and floral heart with harmonious notes of lily of the valley, apple, grape and pear, warmed by a hint of vanilla.

The portable, feminine tube of City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ easily slips into the tiniest of handbags. The tube’s rosy hue instantly attracts the eye, exuding its promise to restore skin’s healthy glow. With one final detail: its luxurious metallic cap serves as a reminder of its relationship with the Miracle range, guaranteeing imperceptible and luminous nude coverage.

CC for… City Checked

Put to the test in real cities, City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ has proven its protective and beautifying power on urban territory.

The anti-pollution test

There’s no substitute for real-life experience, so over 300 women living in Paris, New York and Shanghai – three of the world’s most polluted cities, with high humidity and UV levels – tested City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ in their daily environment.

Taking on the city test complete with all the urban features responsible for complexion greying – for example pollution, high UV radiation levels, humidity, temperature changes, stress, passive smoking, lack of sleep or even lack of exercise – City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ has won over women from all 3 cities, in line with their city-specific expectations:

In Shanghai,

–          95% of women testing City Miracle felt their skin was protected against external aggressors

–          96% of women said their skin seemed re-plumped thanks to City Miracle

In New York,

–          70% of women testing City Miracle found their radiantly luminous complexion lasted all day long

–          78% of women felt City Miracle let their skin breathe 

In Paris,

–          85% of women found that City Miracle did not accentuate imperfections and 80% said it left skin mattified

–          87% of women noticed that City Miracle revealed a healthy glow.

Genuine, lasting skin beautification

City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ visibly boosts complexion beauty and skin quality in just 4 weeks:

  • +35% complexion luminosity
  • +28% improvement in skin’s overall appearance
  • +26% improvement in hydration levels
  • -18% overall appearance of imperfections
  • +32% improvement in skin’s smooth appearance

Clinical study on 82 women, 4 weeks’ use, evaluation of bare skin.

Its secret lies partly in the formula’s ability to block 13%* of harmful micro-particles (pollutants, heavy metals…), preventing them from adhering to skin and being absorbed within the epidermis.

*Instrumental test, N=26, comparison of bare skin vs. skin wearing City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++

The Miracle range, every facet of nude

City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++ completes the Miracle range, a specialist collection of made-to-measure nudes. Following on from Teint Miracle, the perfect Bare Skin Foundation and Miracle Air de Teint, the first Perfecting Fluid Matte Glow Creator from Lancôme, City Miracle now offers a whole new cosmetic sensation for women: instant healthy glow make-up combined with lasting skincare benefits.

Finish, lightness, coverage… Choose your Miracle for natural made-to-measure results.

  • City Miracle CC Cream Complexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50/PA+++: light coverage to even the complexion while protecting and beautifying skin. Three shades.
  • Miracle Air De Teint Perfecting Fluid Matte Glow Creator: medium mattifying coverage as light as air for a luminous finish with outstanding comfort. SPF15. Twelve Shades.
  • Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation: higher coverage, but still in a featherweight texture to even out the complexion and awaken its radiance while infusing skin with moisturising benefits. SPF 15. Eighteen shades.

Priced at Rs. 2,800. City Miracle will be available at all Lancome boutiques July onwards.

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