As always, Mac Cosmetics is prettying up the models for India Couture Week 2014 ! Here are the makeup breakdowns for some shows on Day 2!


Mac Cosmetics for Rina Dhaka: Rina Dhaka’s show has polished skin, subtle highlighting on the cheeks, an overall glow to the face and pretty, plum lips. Darkly lined eyes and lots of mascara. I can definitely see Strobe Cream working its magic on these models- the skin has this luminiscent plumpness to it.Rina Dhaka (1) Face chart, Day 2- Rina Dhaka


Anju modi’s show had the classic smokey eye with one of Mickey Contractor’s favourite lipsticks Yash! Love the Gingerly powder blush, and if any of you dusky girls are attempting a smokey eye, this is a bucket list of stuff you need in your stash

Anju Modi1


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