So I spent the better half of yesterday filming for the P&B youtube channel. Im EXHAUSTED guys..Iv teamed up with a company who is going to basically help me produce the videos because if I were to take that on as well, you would probably see a video  in 2016. Im so excited to see how they turn out, but also Im super nervous. Like it was really wierd being on camera, I was conscious and I felt like Im talkin like a TV Anchor which I hate in youtube videos :(  But hopefully all is well  (it better be, I did a whole lot of work for it !)

Do request below and tell me what you want to see on the P&B channel. Iv filmed a couple of tutorials so far and Im hoping those turn out good (fingers crossed).  I am trying to get a hair tutorial out, but Im so apprehensive about it (Im wearing a bun in one of the videos so if you guys like it I shall do a tute on it as well!)

Anyway, coming back to P&B, the blog- which I have been  MIA for (But only because iv been doing background work for content for you people), these are my favourite hair styling tools

1. Philips Kerashine Hair Styler with retractable bristles: I am not a big fan of hair irons, even though I have curly frizzy hair, because I feel like irons just flatten my hair out with no bounce, which is why i like the Kerashine Hair Styler. What it does it gives me straightish hair (just flattens the frizz)with bounce and adds waves at the bottom. Super easy to use- and your hair dont get tangled because it has this switch which retracts the bristles of the brush. Damn cool.

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2. Panasonic Super  in 1 styler: When i want ringlets I turn to the Panasonic Super Styler. I actually only use the curling rod gadget out of all they provide, so i guess it makes more sense to go buy just a rod , but Iv had this for a while now. I am right now looking for a curling rod with a thinner diameter so I get tighter ringlets, because mine is just a tad bit wider than what I want

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3. Remington Hair dryer : I like that it comes with a straight nozzle which provides sleeker, shinier hair and it reminds me of those Salon blow dryers which I love. Another reason I love this it because it maintains body but stil makes her smooth and silky


4. Using socks/ fat black rubber bands to curl your hair: We have one tutorial right here on how to curl your hair using socks, and even though I dont do it often, its actually a really neat way to get nice, soft waves. I replace socks with a fat black rubber band that is covered in cloth . Just pile up my hair all inside it and then let loose for natural waves

See tutorial here

5.Plastic Rollers without pins: I have these set of rollers that you dont have to pin in place. They have this kind of welcro or something on them with which they stay in place once you roll your hair. Great for blow drying and adding bounce I say !

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