Hello girlies. So much has been happening over the last month its been super super exciting ! Right from India couture week to a trip to Bangalore to attend a friends wedding and lots of stuff in between. My Instagram id is wedmegood , which I am now contemplating splitting into two accounts- because the wedmegood one has mostly stuff about my wedding blog, but let me know what you think- one Insta account or two?



Saturday evenings in the Shahani house, when we aren’t going out involve a downloaded movie, dinner ordered in and beer and breezer/ Wine. Spotted this Aam panna flavoured breezer recently and its AMAZING. Aam Panna is like my ultimate summer drink guys and this one is awesome!



This is the cutest thing Iv seen all week and thats the office stationary my friend Piggy got to office. Get it?? Piggy gets a piggy stapler? She  joined WMG recently by the way- yeah you can tell how much work we are going to do in the office :p



Another little item she bought along and Im OBSESSED with this.



Ooh one of my favourite experiences this week РThe Sabyasachi Show at India Couture week ! The entire ambience, the outfits, the experience were all one of a kind!




Favourite sweet treat- The cupcakes sent by the Bobbi brown team for the 1 year completion of the brand n India. SOOOO cute. By the way these are made by Deepika Khaitan in NFC in Delhi. She does awesome customised cakes.



Favourite new buy: The hot pink Inc 5 Kolhapuris. Wearing them obsessively.




Ooh, so we went to Bangalore for a wedding remember? I had put up my outfits here. Always wanted to go eat a meal like this, on a banana leaf so the boy took me to Nagarjuna ! The boy actually went o college in Bangalore so he knows his way around that town.

instagram.bmpFinally, we were on the front page of Chandigarh tribune a couple of days back. Yippeeeee!!


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