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The Cheek Boutique

A collection of blush, bronzers and highlighters for perfect pops of color!

Revlon, The Color Authority, is bringing big news to the blush category with the launch of what we are calling our ‘Cheek Boutique,’ offering three new ways to enhance your cheek bones and play up your beauty look. Step inside the dressing room and try on any of these new beautiful shades!

Revlon Powder Blush is an ultra-soft, silky powder blush that adds a natural flush of color to you cheeks.  With names like Naughty Nude and Wine Not you’ll have just as much fun telling your girlfriend what shade you have on as you will wearing them. Each shade enhances cheekbones instantly with easy-to-blend, buildable color. And with an all-day wear that looks freshly applied all day, you’ll never suffer from blush.

4 NEW SHADES: Naughty Nude, Classy Coral, Haute Pink, Wine Not

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The Revlon Highlighting Palette is a captivating brick highlighter. The sophisticated palette has complimentary shimmer shades that blend to enhance complexion for a natural sun-kissed look. Use the Highlighting Palette to enhance and illuminate skin and achieve a multi-dimensional sculpted look. The shades in each palette have a lightweight, silky feel and look freshly applied all day. Get your glow on!

3 NEW SHADES: Peach Glow, Rose Glow, Bronze Glow


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