The benefit tooth fairy (read: PR manager)  just graced my house recently and left me these adorable  cuties from that brand whose packaging I absolutely adore ! Let me know which ones you want a review on  (I am currently starting to move to the new place and EVERYTHING is upside down. Im scared I shall lose half my makeup in the process.

DSC07483 DSC07484


A full sized tube of Benefit Pore-fessional . I have tried a smaller sample sized version of this before and personally Im not a hugeee fan of it, but I would like to give it another whirl



This is SUPER interesting. Its the benefit push up liner and its unlike any eyeliner I have seen previously. Its not a felt tip or a brush, its almost a squeeze out liner. Like there is this valve at the top from which fluid comes out and it gives a gel liner finish. So far Im absolutely LOVING it and they made it for the purpose of having a ‘closest to lashes’ feel which this definitely gives


Benefit has awesome skincare as well and the one Im using currently is this adorable glasss bottle of the Total Moisture Face cream. I think this cream isnt enough for my dry skin, but those of you with normal/ oily skin please give it a go



This one is another thing I want to try (Dark circles hello!- you have seen my video right? Theyr pretty bad.) So this “Its Potent” Eye cream is suppose to fade dark circles, and help smooth fine lines for brighter younger looking skin. Sounds almost too good to be true !

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