So , there are these little tricks and tips I keep learning from some helpful SA’s or makeup artists and while in pictures its really hard to show these I thought its only fair that now that I have a youtube channel I can baanto my gyaan!!! (FYI- this is one of the first videos I filmed ever, so Im still introducing myself in the beginning :p)

Anyhoo, let me know what your tricks are in the comments below. I just think its majorly unfair that i get to be born with puny lashes while the boy has thick, lustrous lashes . Like Im not kidding, guys have the thickest lashes ever- and lets face it they dont even need them . Hmph.

What Im wearing on my face

– Bobbi brown Foundation

– Bobbi brown tinted eye brightener

– Maybelline Hypet glossy eyeliner

Nyx Soft Matte lip cream Sao Paulo


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