When it comes to fashion weeks, Im always rummaging around my closet for  things to wear. See, as a blogger there are certain rules of what NOT to wear at Fashion week for me- nothing too tight, nothing too short, nothing too OTT formal. Unlike the rest of the audience that has to politely sit and clap, we guys have to jostle with the media, sometimes sit in the photographer pit and pretty much be ready to sprint for the next media photo op that occurs so I much prefer things that are laidback and chic versus complicated , high strung outfit.

If this dress looks familiar its because I wore this at Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai as well- I like how simple it is from the front and then when you turn..BAM, there is this big scoop neck at the back



The bare eyes are because my eyes are just getting so itchy and dry its annoying me, Everytime I apply something they start to burn up.

Photo from my Lakme Fashion Week Photodiary




I pretty much stuck to the same type of look as last time, but just added one chunky necklace and removed the belt, and changed up my tribal flats ! That necklace by the way is from Rosabelle Treasures which have some REALLY pretty pieces which are more affordable than what you would otherwise get in the market.

Lipstick: Chambor 601 Lipstick (love this)

Dress: Zara

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